Radical Change 

Do you desire radical change?  This seminar will break old cycles and be empowered to engage in a lifestyle of clarity, discipline, and consistency. Along with this understanding, you will be prepared to engage in proactive warfare to block the enemy from drawing you into isolation. Through teaching and ministry, you will receive a healed perspective that empowers abundance over loneliness, frustration, fear, and lack while creating a life filled with expectation, impact, and overflow.


Topics Covered 

  •     Breaking Behavioral Bondage to Release the 8 Habits of the Holy Spirit
  •     Releasing Emotional Stability
  •     Freedom over Oppression in Memories
  •     Activation of Spiritual Authority; Connecting your Willpower to God’s Agenda


 Speaker Ravi Kandal

June 23  7:00 PM

June 24  9:00 AM - 10:00 PM Session

Venue  4885 Main Street, Yorba Linda, CA  92886

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Radical Change Online

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