Team Members

Jackie Koller

After a transforming encounter with God in 1997, Jackie Koller realized the true reality of a loving God. Shortly after this, she stepped into a missionary calling with abandon to serve and follow the leading of the Lord. For the past 20 years, Jackie has traveled the world preaching and declaring the word of God while watching its power change the lives of people and their communities. She has given her life to see nations transformed by the love and grace of a powerful God. In her service, she partnered with several ministries including, YWAM, Randy Clark’s Global Awakening, and Kingdom Foundations where she currently serves full time as CEO in Atlanta, Georgia.




Susan Bilic

RT4 Coach

Susan has been a follower and lover of Jesus for over 35 years. She was a senior level corporate executive for over 25 years and had extensive experience leading, training, coaching, and mentoring individuals and teams but was looking to make a greater impact and find a way to give back. Since that time she has been on a journey and focused on helping others find freedom through coaching, training and imparting and became a certified coach, trainer, and speaker through The John Maxwell Team. Also as a homeless shelter director, she saw the devastating effects of intergenerational poverty and started working with individuals, programs, and facilities whose focus is healing, restoration, and empowerment. Around this time she met Ravi and experienced Radical Transformation 4 personally and was freed from memories and emotions that had unknowingly affected her behavior. This radical change led her to take her coaching into a new direction. She has become an RT4 coach and is seeing lives transformed and people finding freedom, hope, and direction for their future. This was the answer she was looking for; a proven coaching method helping to bring transformation and releasing people into their God-given potential.

Susan lives in Arkansas with her dog Honey. She is a leader in her church and enjoys riding her motorcycle on back country roads and enjoying life with family and friends.

Mary Haynes

RT4 Coach

Mary is a co-founder of Joppa House of Prayer and a painting company along with her husband Robert. She has had the heart to see lives changed and bring healing to the soul for over 20 years. In pursuing this passion, she has become a chaplain for the women’s jail, and serves as a mentor and is on an advisory council for women coming out of tragic life situations, bringing hope and freedom.

The ministry that Mary received through RT4 was so impactful, she knew this was something others needed. It has not only brought freedom to her life but opened the door to minister even more impactful transformation. As an RT-4 coach, she is seeing many lives radically transformed.

Mary and her husband Robert have 3 children, 8 grandchildren. As a family, they love the outdoors and enjoy fishing, hunting, and camping.


Radical Transformation Coaching

These individuals are certified in Radical Transformation 4 coaching method to engage individuals into freedom to find a life of passion and purpose.