with Ravi Kandal
August 11th & 12th, 2023

What if I told you there is a way to recession proof your business and ministry? What if I told you that you will not just survive during this recession but actually will thrive?

 Experts tell us:


Prepare for a long and ugly’ recession.


Worse damage than the financial crisis in 2008.”


“Global Recession Reality Check: The Worst Is Yet to Come’ Opine Top 7 World Economists” 

For business owners, leaders, and pastors; these headlines only mean one thing. Its time to deploy tactics and a foolproof plan to ensure your business is primed for growth no matter what. 


As believers, we know these strategies and plans must come from the Lord if they are to defy logic and probability. A heart and mind grounded in peace and hope is not optional.


Its time to join us for Disruptive Thinking Feb 3-4, 2023 with Ravi Kandal. Ravi will share global and personal insights he has gained from the Lord for this season. He will teach the mindsets, thinking strategies and tools to make believers of influence into solution creators and sources of abundance.


In this Disruptive Thinking event, participants learn how to create a successful foundation for any business to thrive during an economic storm in any market or any stage of life. 

Relationship Intelligence For Business Leaders

Disruptive Thinking

Disruptive Thinking is an invitation into a different experience of leadership. An experience with uncommon outcomes, characterized by courage to take risks and believe in the unbelievable.

What would it look like for you as a business leader if you were able to employ biblical wisdom to:

What understanding did these biblical leaders have that can revolutionize the impact we have in the marketplace?

Create a Culture of Impact​

Lead with Wisdom & Creativity​

Build Influence God's Way

Partner to God's Best


Samuel anointed an unlikely king.

Wisdom that Creates Favor


World leaders sat at Solomon’s feet to marvel at his timeless wisdom and unprecedented abundance.

Impact with Relevance



Paul brought an experience of Jesus to secular cultures through relevant connection.

Event Location

Lawrenceville, GA

Address given upon registration


Friday, August 11th



Saturday, August 12th




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Keynote Speaker

Since Ravi’s radical salvation he has been uniquely gifted to hear the audible voice of God, whom Ravi affectionately calls Daddy. This gift has allowed Ravi to make remarkable impacts around the world in various spheres from witch doctors to world leaders. This journey of obedience has opened doors for incredible opportunities not only to serve the physical needs of the broken and needy but also to impart healing, hope, and destiny to people around the world. Radical Transformation (RT4) is the message that was imparted to Ravi during a time of personal turmoil. In an extended season of encounters with God, Ravi not only stepped into personal restoration but into a profound understanding of how hurt is formed. With this understanding, Ravi was able to learn how healing can be released to a person’s behaviors, emotions, memories, and spiritual authority.

Ravi married his wife Julie and together in 2004 founded Kingdom Foundations (KFS). Both share a passion to see the love of Christ to encounter those living in darkness with tangible expressions of love and freedom. Currently, they reside with their four biological children in Lawrenceville, GA where they minister truth and destiny through God’s word. Separated by the ocean, but united as a family, their eight Indian, adult, adopted children reside in India.

In recent years, RT4 has been the focus of KFS. This transition with RT4 has served to renew their passion for the lost. The Kandals have found RT4 to be a powerful tool to connect people to Jesus in true freedom.


Ravi Kandal

Founder of Kingdom Foundations & Radical Transformation 4

Relationship Intelligence


Ravi helped me transform my intimidating and dormant wine business into a thriving, international success fueled with newfound passion. I now have unbelievable joy and hope in ways I couldn’t have imagined possible! 

Ravi is not the first prophetic person who has ministered to me. However, he was the first one to give me a road map of practical steps to see my destiny actualized with confidence and peace. In the process of saying ‘yes’ to Jesus at every obstacle, I experienced unique wisdom and watched doors of favor swing open unexpectedly and confirmation lead a renewed courage to answer the Lord’s opportunity. 

Recently, I found myself sitting in a conference room with the whole of our industry leaders and other seasoned wineries who have been working this business for generations. I sat in the back row, believing I didn’t belong in the room. To my astonishment, our business strategy and marketing plan was already a year ahead of the statistics and data they were sharing along with their proposed strategies! My work with Ravi was instrumental. He gave me guidance and clarity in specific steps which lead us to where we are. We were able to stop entertaining ‘what ifs’ (negative possibilities) and say yes to potential.

Now, my biggest problem is ensuring we have enough wine! 

I never realized how much passion, joy and fulfillment I would find working our business. What was merely a soft quiet dream buried deep down has stepped to the front of my life with purpose and success. Through the process, my family is stepping into their own destinies. My daughter has joined me in the business and I love seeing her gifts of entrepreneurship develop into clear paths towards her destiny, as well. This new journey has truly set up my family for legacy. 

If you wish to grow your business and desire to have the greatest adventure of your life, then Ravi is the perfect coach!

I am thrilled with the impact that Disruptive Thinking brought to my company. Out of the 10 people I invited to the event, 5 began a personal relationship with Jesus, and one marriage was restored. That was just the beginning of massive change! I witnessed new found purpose emerge, humility become a virtue, and increase not only of work ethic but in pay too! One of these guys even advanced to rank #1 as highest selling employee. The event superseded my expectations!

There’s a lot of coaching I’ve received over the years, but coaching with Ravi was one of the key places of support in my life that has allowed me to make 6X the revenue in my business this year in the midst of corona and have a deeper relationship with my wife Chloe, my daughter and my family.

The Relationship Intelligence conference was an eye opening experience. I was able to be healed from mindsets that were holding me back. Ravi and his entire team brought amazing messages that helped take my old beliefs and replace them with Jesus beliefs.

I feel like God is giving me all the missing puzzle pieces and He is providing a crystal clear picture for me to understand what is going on in our house. And by doing that, He is also giving me the tools that I need. It is like my eyes were opened and I can see.

The Relationship Intelligence conference was an amazing experience. I was able to learn new concepts to not only apply to my personal life but in my career as an educator. One big takeaway is that God invites us into creativity when we make space for Him. I experienced emotional healing and learned new ways to see Jesus throughout my day.


Let's find solutions

As business leader you know people are a vital component to the health of your business. Expansion always involves interpersonal skills.

We can all attest to having missed opportunities and business deals; and probably all too frequently these can be connected to a break down in relationship.

Join us as we learn how to improve our relationships to help those around us thrive.



How do you know where to position people within your organization to bring the highest impact for them individually and the organization as a whole?

How do you recognize where people will thrive?

How do you thrive under the often-unpredictable demands of an entrepreneur?

Weekend Workshop - Limited seats available!

If you have a heart to impact people and see them thrive and walk in their God-given potential, this is the workshop for you! Disruptive Thinking will teach you how to consistently bring the wisdom of God to the people around you. You’ll learn how to create Christ-like favor that will enhance your relationships.

When you reserve your seat for Disruptive Thinking you can look forward to:

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