Hannah’s Gathering Leader/Host Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Hannah’s Gathering Leader or Host. It is our desire to see women around the world have rich encounters with the Lord; transforming them, releasing them, and launching them into expanded territories. Women have a special place on the frontlines to bring expansion of the Kingdom of God and Hannah’s Gathering is designed to release women to their place of spiritual authority by embracing their God-given rights and inheritance. Hannah from the Bible, exchanged her bitterness for the fulfillment of a promise. Hannah’s Gathering works from the premise that true encounters allows for every disappointment to be replaced with promise. By connecting women to the only true and life-giving source (Jesus); to become unhindered, unfettered, free to live the life He promises.

What is Hannah’s Gathering?

Simply put it is a small group of women gathering for the purpose of encountering the Lord to see transformation. It is a bible study as well as a spiritual lifestyle study. Every step and teaching in this group is founded on the word of God and wisdom gleaned from scriptures.

Teachings Covered

Hannah’s Gathering aids in eliminating the principalities of; shame, guilt, condemnation, regret, and ego. The first five weeks address one of these principalities and in week 6 the group will be open to a time of review, testimony sharing, and celebration. The first week covers the topic of shame, along with this teaching, there are times for sharing and ministering to one another. The nature of these topics creates opportunities for individuals to be open and vulnerable. This first week lays a foundation to build a loving support system birthing a sisterhood. In establishing the values of love and acceptance each woman will quickly and easily find her fit in the group, facilitating her healing process. Each group will be unique and tell its own story.

Online Option

If you are interested in hosting a group of women for a Hannah’s Gathering, but you are not comfortable to lead the group, we have the option of setting up a virtual teacher opportunity for you. We live in an era with all kinds of technical options to make it possible. All that would be required for this would be an instrument for viewing and interacting with the leader and Wi-Fi (more details would be clarified after enrolling).


The Hannah’s Gathering leader will facilitate the sessions by opening in prayer, teaching the lesson, facilitating discussions, and leading ministry times. The sessions are formatted with a teaching manual for the leader to follow and a student handout for each attendee. The handout allows for the student to have their own notes and practical application of each session.
The size of groups can be anywhere from six to fifteen.


A leader may have a gathering in her home or she may choose to ask another woman to become a host. Depending on your life circumstances or your gift mix either option works well. A leader can partner with a host and the host can assist by opening her home and provide hospitality. It is always nice (but not required), to provide drinks and a snack. It can be a great way to add to the environment of feeling loved, pampered, and blessed.
If you have an alternative location for your meeting other than a home, we suggest you ensure it will provides privacy and no interruptions. Creating a safe and loving environment is key.

Who is eligible to become a leader?

The qualifications for Hannah’s Gathering leaders are women who are born again, marked with maturity, and a desire to minister healing to other women. Maturity comes in embracing continual growth while making it your life mission to change, expand your territory, and transform daily into a greater representation of Christ.

We do require you go through some of our Radical Transformation training and mentoring from KFS. We believe in creating a healing envirnment in this women’s ministry and work to ensure each leader is able to foster this environment and partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Below are some of the values we believe mark women of maturity.

Teachable- Must be open to learn, grow and change. A mark of a great leader is leading by example, the more you seek out new revelation and apply it in your life the more you will see an overflow to those around you.

Learner-Pursuing new revelation and understanding continually will give you the cutting edge of personal growth and discipline. A leader gives time to glean new revelation from the word of God.

Disciplined Lifestyle- A major component of Hannah’s Gathering is applying change by creating good habits. As a leader, you will be expected to challenge yourself with new and greater habits in your own personal disciplines.

Prayerful- Transformation takes place out of your conversations with the Lord and are important for seeing people and circumstances shifted. It would be expected that you pray for each of your group members between the meetings.

Good listener- This skill would be utilized in the group by listening to a women’s heart, hearing her story, and seeing body language to glean a deeper meaning. Listening is a powerful expression to show love, and open up pathways to a woman’s heart. It creates a pathway for the Holy Spirit to release healing. Another instrumental part of listening is keeping your heart open to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you.

Passion for the brokenhearted- Eyes to see God-given potential, believe in individuals, and have the tenacity to call out the gold in them.

Value obedience- A life submitted to the Lord is unstoppable. One who values obedience to the Lord is submitted to Him. Submission to him creates a life filled with miracles, breakthrough, and testimonies of His goodness.

Stable – Able to cope with the ups and downs of life by holding on to peace and the promises of God.

Balanced – Holds disciplines, cares for family, works, pursues interests, hobbies, values exercise, and takes appropriate rest.

Life-Giving- Chooses grace over justice, chooses God’s promise over circumstance, releases confidence to all.

Walks in Integrity- Makes the best choices in honoring the Lord even if it comes at a sacrifice to self.


We request each woman invest financially into her healing process. Each contribution will be given to the origination of Kingdom Foundations. The money will be invested to spread the healing message of Jesus Christ, in the mission of making freedom achievable. We would suggest a donation of $60. This donation could be collected up front or can be collected each week. The money would be collected by the leader and submitted to Kingdom Foundations.

Responsibilities for Leader

Print out your teacher notes, student notes, homework, prepare weekly lessons, collects donations and contact details to share with Hannah’s Gathering coordinator. Leaders also obtain testimonies in the last meeting, receive daily homework, and pray for each attendee.