Ravi and Julie have a unique call from the Lord to see the marginalized women of India valued.  Amity Centers are part of this vision. They have been praying for many years to see pregnancy centers launched to meet health care needs that values women and girl babies.


Amity Centers

Amity means a friendly relationship and often describes relations between countries. We envision volunteer doctors from many countries joining Amity Centers in the true spirit of the word.

Currently, we are positioned with medical works in India and partners who are ready to move forward with this vision, but it requires finances to secure medical equipment and resources to move forward.


The Issue 

More than 6.7 million abortions are estimated to occur annually in India. Across the country, nearly 540 out of 100,000 live births result annually in the mother’s death.  In the villages, many of the pregnant women are not able to receive medical care, either because they are poor or because they live very far from hospitals and clinics. With that being the case, if there are any complications, there is little or nothing that can be done.

At Amity Centers, marginalized women can seek healthcare and counseling specifically geared toward women’s issues.



Our vision is to address medical and emotional issues of women in impoverished areas of India.  We will do this by aiding the advancement of medical technology, enabling all women to access to adequate care and needed services easily.


Mission Statement 

Amity Centers, meeting the physical and emotional needs of women, thereby enabling them to realize their value and worth as human beings.

What will Amity Centers Provide?

List of Intended Medical Services:

• Abortion Counseling

• Bacterial Vaginosis Screening

• Breast Cancer Screening

• Cervical Cancer Screening

• Colposcopy Procedure

• HIV Testing and Counseling

• HPV Vaccinations and FAQ

• Pregnancy Testing

• STD Testing and Treatment

• Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

• Well Woman Examination

• Yeast Infection Diagnosis and Treatment

• Dietary Coaching

• Onsite Lab for all Testing

• First Rate Files and Online System

• Online System Accessibility for Patients to Review Files and Lab Results

• Child Care Classes/Lamaze

• Bone Density Testing

• Thyroid Testing

Equipment Needed

• Medical Equipment

• Lab Equipment

• Computer Systems

Aim to Provide the Highest of Quality in Every Area;

• Experienced doctors will bring their expertise from respective countries.

• We aim to provide the best equipment.

• Onsite equipment and testing will be provided, eliminating hassle and confusion and providing faster, more efficient care.

• Files will be stored on a computer database and will be made available to clients.

Emotional Support

The model for emotional healing will be given by Kingdom Foundations (KFS) through trained counselors.

These counselors are equipped to deal with issues related to postpartum depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, and grief.

Opportunities to be Involved


We would love to extend this invitation to all medical professionals, counselors, lay people, to come to India to sow your efforts into a blessing and enriching women’s lives.


We are inviting individuals, and groups to partner with us by making financial donations for medical and computer equipment, software, and the various other needs required to make this goal a reality.