Light Up!

"Jesus is the true Light we Celebrate this season. His Light shines through us in Compassion. His Light Shines through us for to impact and change the world."

Make the Holidays Bright For Another in Need

"Let this Christmas be a time to shine brightly in your compassion and create big impact in the world!" 

Recently, the Lord has given me a teaching series on Goal Setting. Personally, it has been an incredible journey for me in unpacking and applying the habits and values. The greatest gift that this teaching provides is engaging people in their willpower – a direct link to see PASSION in their lives! Wow, when you are activated into your willpower, you become an unstoppable force filled with energy, focus, assertion, and passion. In short, you become fearless!
Kingdom Foundations Founder



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This special resource from Ravi will develop your confidence in God and activate your willpower. He will train you to see with God’s perception, so in the face of hardships, you will experience the transforming power of God in every area of your life.

The FREE download includes:

1.  The 5 Habits that Produce Fearless People of God

  • A Two-Part Audio Series

    • Willpower Activated (Part 1)

    • Habits for Fearlessness (Part 2)

2.  The Prophet’s Journal Planner

  • 13/52 Challenge Planner


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Kingdom Foundations is working in the nations to SHINE the Light of Christ. We want to share with you our current initiative and invite you to be a part of it. 

Light up Tibetan Refugees

Tibet and the Tibetan people have been a passion and prayer focus for Ravi and Kingdom Foundations for many years.  In the summer of 2017, Ravi was appointed as Ambassador of Peace by The United Nations.  When he received this appointment, he did not fully understand how important this would be to reach the Tibetan people and bring the light of Christ to this people in darkness and need.  Then in October of 2017, Ravi was sent as an Ambassador of Peace by The United Nations to the Tibetan Parliament. It was in this eye-opening experience that the Lord further revealed to Ravi his heart of compassion for this Buddhist community. As in any refugee community, the needs are profound but the greatest need is their need for Christ! 


This community rises to the top as one of the most unreached groups of people in the world. The gospel has had little impact into the Tibetan community. The Tibetans are the gatekeepers for the Buddhist community and are known around the world for upholding the doctrines and core values for this religious sector. In this season, it is God’s desire to light up this Buddhist community and reveal his nature as the Living and Loving God. This Christmas outreach is the beginning of a long-term strategy including discipling young children and educating them in an elementary school.

Ravi Listening to Tibetan Parliament Leader (Photo from Ravi's 2017 Trip)
Tibetan Children

Light up the Spirit of Generosity

Have you thought about how YOU can reach an unreached group of people? I believe you have. To most of us, this task feels daunting, improbable, or simply impossible. Missionaries are taking on these challenges, but lack resources.  Those not on the field are too far removed from the need or lack connections.  We can bridge this gap and take on this challenge. Will you join us in making the impossible possible and reaching this unreached community? 

Funds will enable each family to receive a visit from a missionary, a meal, and a personalized gift pack including a backpack for each child, educational tools, and a pair of wool socks.

  • Based on the funds raised, this will determine how many families will be reached with gifts and individualized gospel message presentations.

There is no greater JOY than to give Jesus, the true and living God to those who never heard His Name. These gifts will not only bring joy but will warm hearts and open doors for encounters of Jesus.

From the Kingdom Foundations family to yours we wish you a Bright and Merry Christmas!!!!

Ravi &Julie Kandal

Our Happy Family

Light up Your willpower & Passion

It is our desire, this holiday season, to see you get lit up in your passions and dreams. Here are a few recent testimonials from those who have already been impacted by Kingdom Foundations.  They have been released to walk in new habits, awakened passions, and are led by fearlessness in Christ. 


The Master Goal Setting class has been life changing for me. I get something out of each session. The scripture homework is something I look forward to every morning. It cements what Ravi taught and helps me activate it in my daily walk.
Linda Rahn
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The Goal Setting Master Class with the Prophet Planner has had a great impact on me.  The real truth is that since I became involved with Kingdom Foundations I have been impacted and am learning how to impact others and that is exactly what this class is doing.  I have had the opportunity to use these materials in mentoring others and sharing what Daddy God is speaking to my heart and being encouraged with what others are receiving.  Do not be surprised that through taking this class you will be invited and taught how to richly give to those you influence.  I love it!
Susan Bilic
Business Owner

Light Up!