Radical Lifestyle

Does stress overwhelm you? Do you feel boxed in? Are you controlled by your circumstances, or worse yet, the people around you?  Perhaps these circumstances have led you to feel paralyzed, bound, insecure, or desperate. Stress is a powerful force that triggers the stronghold of negative emotions and ultimately leads to emotions of sadness, worry, anger, depression.  These emotions pave the way for the enemy’s ultimate plan of fear and hopelessness. When stress has its way, we lose control of our emotions and with them the ability to make good decisions. In the end, we find ourselves controlled by habits, relying heavily on pleasing ourselves or others.  When our dreams are controlled by someone’s decision, or someone else’s belief system, we will be dominated by a master system of distorted truth.

Paul was an entrepreneur, an apostle, fearful, joyful, brilliant, intelligent, and filled with wisdom. He released solutions into every problem, bringing harmony in the midst of division, and giving heavenly perspectives that brought formation to the early church. With all of these things, and more, he is still a source of inspiration even today! It is obvious that Paul’s life was filled with stress, and at the same time it is clear that he wasn’t dominated by it. How? That is the journey of discovery that we will embark upon. There were 5 spaces that Paul worked from: the political spirit, past memories, pride, and distress. These are the same 5 spaces that work to control our lives and enslave our emotions. In this study, we gain inspiration from Paul, as we learn how he handled these 5 spaces. With the power of the Holy Spirit, Paul learned how to utilize these 5 spaces so that they would work for him rather than against him.

Each one of us are inspired and challenged to live a radical lifestyle, just as the apostle Paul demonstrated. The keys of this study will give us tools to be men who are empowered; walking with solutions for every situation. It is with this understanding that we can be fearless, knowing that no weapon shall formed against us shall prosper when our lifestyles are based on the Holy Spirit. In fearlessness I am motivated by the passion of Jesus, this same spirit empowers me to act courageously, boldly, and confidently wherever love, joy, and peace are allowed to become my primary source.

What are the weekly topics?

1. Shame

2. Guilt

3. Condemnation

4. Regret

5. Ego

6. Review/Conclusions

What happens in a Radical Lifestyle meeting?

Your RL leader will take you through scriptures related to the life of Paul while highlighting valuable insights that relate to our emotional lives. Interactive discussions will be facilitated to aid each person as they walk into greater depths of understanding, and awareness. In addition to this, each week will also include times of prayer and sharing.

What type of commitment can I expect with my involvement to Radical Lifestyle?

Along with this study we will be giving daily homework that include scripture reading and meditation.  The purpose of this homework is to connect you to a deeper personal relationship with the Lord. In these studies, you will explore different characteristics of God that relate to your emotions.  In doing so, you can expect to experience a greater sense of the reality of sustained rest. Even a busy schedule will accommodate this homework as it is given in a devotional format and can be completed throughout the day.

We request that each person join this group expecting for God to show up in a new way, confident that he will lead your life into a richer relationship with Himself and others.  We believe that this end result is best accomplished when you commit to attending the group and whole heartedly completing the homework with regularity.

Can I host a group? 

Yes, we would love to connect you to a RL Leader in your area. If there isn’t one, you could considering hosting a group and having one of our leaders minister to your group via web conferencing software.

Can I become a leader? 

Yes, contact us and we would be happy to share about the process of becoming a RL leader.


$60 per person

Groups Size

We suggest a group size of a minimum of 6 and maximum of 15.  Not too big, not too small, we have found this size allows for each person to participate and be involved.