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RT4 Courses are for anyone who is ready to challenge themselves to further growth. They are a great addition to any coaching program, follow up to any program you are involved with or an opportunity to personally experience how the principles of RT4 apply to your spiritual development.

We have found that pursuing the Lord in a community dynamic is powerful. Our like-minded communities are extremely life giving and engaging.  Accountability, encouragement, and strength are found within them as you pursue change and growth with others who are doing the same.


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The Personality of joy

Recently, the Lord has been giving me insights into the topic of anxiety. There are many who struggle with this issue in the body of Christ. I believe the Lord is highlighting this topic for the sake of releasing freedom to many.

The Lord revealed to me how the enemy uses anxiety to control and blackmail people, sabotaging dreams and desires. The enemy’s agenda with anxiety is to destroy God opportunities. When you establish yourself in the strength of God’s truth, the power of the emotional blackmailer (anxiety) will end.

In this course, I will be giving tools to practice the identity of God, the values of God, and to recognize the atmosphere of the angelic realm.

I believe this course is God’s agenda to bring healing to people. If you need more joy or freedom from anxiety, I believe you will benefit from this course. Join us for this healing journey!

Ravi Kandal 

Course Instructor


Course Summary

Life is continually filled with circumstances outside of our control; too often this leads most people to feel uncomfortable, discontent and even anxious. These feelings can seem justifiable, but we know giving into them only allows their power to dominate our lives. As these feelings grow unchecked, so too does the domination of anxieties.  By allowing these things to rule, we further invite discontentment which leaves joy to feel illusive further creating habits of perfectionism, low self-worth, and an approval addiction. 

Thankfully as believers in Christ, this is not our inheritance or portion. Instead, we are to be established in JOY, and all that partners to the spirit of joy, including discernment, commitment, long-suffering, strength, perseverance, hope, and overcoming faith.

This course will expose the enemy’s patterns, transitioning your attention from life’s challenges to joy while encountering and engaging with God’s angelic intervention.

Live & online Details

  • Angelic Intervention

The Personality of Joy

Freedom experienced and lived out of Joy is a gift worth pursuing. 

Class will be held on: 

April 11, 18, 25 & May 2

7:00 PM (Central Time Zone)

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RT4 E-Courses

  • Initiate Self-Control

The Gift of Self-Control

To Gain: Dignity, Discretion, & Discipline

  • Set Up For Success

Goal Setting

This course will help you with a unique biblical framework on goals to ignite your passion.


Course Instructor

With the leading of the Lord, in a time of personal need, Ravi Kandal encountered radical transformation. This brought about a complete shift for him personally. Now, marked with new found freedom, he understood this experience was not just for him. He had a message to help bring freedom to others. This season extended into three years of development producing what is now the RT4 coaching process. Rt4 has been a life changing experience for many. 

We count it a privilege to partner with you on your journey toward radical transformation. Through coaching and mentoring relationship, we look forward to help you find your destiny and live the impactful life you desire.


This transition to RT4 has only renewed Ravi’s passion for the lost. He has found RT4 to be a powerful tool to connect people to Jesus in true freedom. This freedom sets people to run after their destiny to make a mark on the world.

What to expect

Most Popular Questions

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding RT4 coaching or training.

Are designed to help you reach overflow in every area of your life and help you engage in the truth of God’s word with practical applications. The teachings are focused on releasing transformation to live free from fear, sadness, fatigue and frustration so that you experience a life full of joy-embracing a creative, loving and impactful life.

RT4 courses are designed for any believers of Jesus with a hunger to grow in your knowledge and experience with God-truly experiencing the “more”.  

  • More fulfillment in relationships, more potential actualized, more expectations, more authority, more favor, more confidence, and more peace

  • For those who desire to see a greater impact and overflow in their life or ministry

  • And for those hungry to grow and step into higher heights

We offer live classes in which participants join a virtual classroom, utilizing a software tool called Zoom. It allows for you to be seen by the instructor and participate and interaction by asking questions, sharing testimonies, etc. For those that are not able to join via video conference (or prefer not to be seen), there are options to call in by phone or just participate with voice.  We also offer replays of the class in our course website after the virtual classroom teaching.

Classes are typically 2 hours long. They consist of teaching, growth challenges, impartations, practical applications and homework assignments. There is always time for questions and answers, as well as getting personal feedback for revelation and growth. 

Our staff will receive your homework to help keep you accountable to your growth. We want to celebrate you and your growth journey. These courses have proven to be life changing and transformational. We love testimonies and want to hear yours! 

Not a problem. Teaching videos and homework assignments will be posted in our course website so you can watch at your convenience. 

Currently, we use Facebook groups as a point of connecting. We have found it to be a great way to engage and connect with your RT4 family.  It is utilized to share testimonies, prayer requests, and updates. 

Now is your time for

Radical Transformation

Propelled into Radical living Never to be held Back Again

Would you like to get a taste of what RT4 is like? Take the opportunity now to book for your complimentary RT4 session.  

This is not a sales call, but rather an opportunity to experience the healing power of Rt4 on a personal level.

“My goodness gracious! I finally had a moment to listen to the teaching today and it was brutally wonderful! Wow. God is so good. Since I could not respond at the end about a new revelation, I would like to share it here. I rejoiced at the thought that I can run with our Father's vision, and His mercy rests in my frontal lobe with the fruit of the Holy Spirit. But even more so, I wept and things shifted when you talked about being married to the relevance of the Holy Spirit versus competing to fight/win. Relevance to the world? Competing. Relevance to Holy Spirit? Love and mercy (outweighing justice). From the Gift of Self-Control Course”
Robin Gutshell
Stay at Home Mom
"The Goal Setting Master Class with the Prophet Planner has had a great impact on me. The real truth is that since I became involved with Kingdom Foundations I have been impacted and am learning how to impact others and that is exactly what this class is doing. I have had the opportunity to use these materials in mentoring others and sharing what Daddy God is speaking to my heart and being encouraged with what others are receiving. Do not be surprised that through taking this class you will be invited and taught how to richly give to those you influence. I love it!"
Susan Bilic
Coach/Business owner
“The Master Goal Setting class has been life changing for me. I get something out of each session. The scripture homework is something I look forward to every morning. It cements what Ravi taught and helps me activate it in my daily walk. ”
Linda Rahn
“The homework questions are powerful. Most people don’t ask themselves these habit questions once or twice in a lifetime, never mind daily. There is no option but to grow when asking myself daily “I took risk despite all odds of failure” (for example) ... How significant as well are the promises of God? If we don’t believe in the promises, we miss our purpose. Promises without planning is failure! I haven’t been faithful to all the homework, but God is moving in ways that I am finally feel like I am joining with the Holy Spirit. I’m choosing to be about Him so I can give Him my "project". I’m excited. He is building habits in my life to gain inheritance. And it’s not gaining confidence in my doing ability but gaining confidence in my becoming ability. To be blunt I have pursued meetings and opportunities that I normally never would have in the past. I’m seeing visibly that planning brings authority and puts together relationships. One example will be the possibility of building a 20 unit building to help with a housing need in our community. More meetings in January, but it’s something new at the very least, and God is in it. ”
Denver Polson