RT4 Coaching

Join the many who have found coaching an invaluable experience for growth!

Coaching with Ravi

  • RT4 One Time Call $200

(Call generally last for one hour to an hour and a half)


  • RT4 Coaching $500

(3-4 weeks depending on need)


  • RT4 Empowered Coaching Program $2,000

(RT4 3 weeks one-on-one and 3 months of b-weekly empowerment sessions)


Other RT4 Certified Coach

  • RT4 Coach $120

(4 weeks on-one-one with an RT4 Coach)

Further instructions will be given on how to make the donation for this program.


Currently, there are two full-time RT4 certified coaches to choose from:

Susan Bilic

Mary Haynes

Download Your Application

Detailed instruction on included in the application. Feel free to call or email with detailed questions; info@kingdomfoundations.org or 507-262-0373.

 One-on-One Coaching:

Coaching is an important part of the emotional restoration processes.  Many times, we are unable to see the flaws in our own thinking and it becomes necessary for an outside thinker with a fresh perspective to point out an area that may need work or to facilitate growth in an area that has become stagnant.  Radical Transformation coaching aids individuals to bring an understanding of gifts, potential, destiny, and to bring restoration to relationships, emotions, perspectives, and lost dreams.

By walking through the coaching process, you will be equipped with the practical steps for change that make the fulfillment of your dreams a possibility.  An emphasis on problem-solving skills will empower you to walk through any situation with confidence, no longer paralyzed by fear or anxiety.  Coaching emphasizes a natural response that is based on freedom and Biblical truth rather than responses that are rooted in procrastination, perfectionism, or indecision.  These areas of focus enable personal awareness and development.

The priority of any coaching session should be for individuals to identify the improvements that they wish to see.  Whether it is behavior, attitude, relationships, self-awareness, or personal responsibilities, coaches will lend their ears to understand the individual’s personal needs.  As each client describes the significant events of their past our coaches will listen for key phrases that may unlock understanding as to the current issues in that client’s life.  The focus of Radical Transformation is NOT the past, but clues lay dormant in the past experiences that will help us to identify areas of future change.  By participating in coaching you will see problem areas illuminated by a fresh perspective while also receiving the insight, encouragement, support, and accountability to see your destiny and potential realized.

What to Expect: 

During a typical session, coaches will take the lead.  Trained to ask questions and guide conversation, coaches will listen, give advice, teach, and encourage.  Upon completion of the session, coaches will pray with the client while setting goals and objectives for the coming week.  As the client, you are simply asked to step out of your comfort zone, sharing honestly and without reserve.  You should expect that change will come at a price, it may be uncomfortable but it is certainly doable.  By sharing your problems, feelings, and past experiences you will allow yourself to experiment with the unknown.  This may be scary, but rest assured, taste and see that the Lord is good.  During the session, listen, learn and ask questions of your coach.  Investing in the process is the best way to foster long-term growth.

Should you question the time commitment involved with Radical Transformation, coaching is typically completed over the course of 3-4 weekly appointments.  Appointments are usually conducted via the phone and are generally one hour in duration.  Apart from this weekly time commitment, goals and assignments will be issued at the close of each appointment.  Throughout your week you should expect to invest in extra time with the Lord as well as time in reflection and healthy changes to your lifestyle.  As you prioritize your time in a way that supports healthy change, you will lay the groundwork upon which to build your new and redeemed emotional life.



•    Stepping into freedom and healing is an important process.  It is our belief that during this time you should be covered in prayer.  We suggest that prior to scheduling your initial appointment, you arrange for three people to be praying you.

•    Many have found this experience to be invaluable and have found recording the sessions to be a useful tool.  If you have a smartphone there is an app that is called Tapeacall that others have found and recommended.



•    Send a recent photo.
•    Send liability form along with complete fill form application by typing and emailing it back

Kingdom Foundations is a self-funded organization.  We trust this will be a valuable experience for you. We request that you donate to your sessions to enable the ministry and advancing of the Kingdom. We encourage you to contribute upfront so that you are accountable to honor your commitment. We know for many this can be a large upfront expense: if you need to make contributions over a given period of time we are happy to work with you; however, we ask that you please inform us in advance.