Radical Transformation 4

What is RT4?

With the leading of the Lord, Ravi Kandal developed RT4 through many years of intensive study in psychology, research on relationships, and analysis of case studies on human behavior. Radical Transformation 4 (RT4) is based on releasing healing to 4 pillars, in which shape identity: behavioral, emotional, memories, and spirit (willpower). Each of these aspects plays an important role in the molding of a personality and either leads to a fulfilled life or to a meaningless life.  The RT4 Coaching model approaches healing differently by searching where personality was influenced by the enemy through hurt and not being “roots” focused. RT4 works to restore connection to Jesus allowing your personality to be reflected as He desires and He sees you. This connection and restoration shifts behaviors, emotions, memories, and spiritual authority, activating willpower and launching destiny.


RT4 (formally known as Daddy’s Method) is an innovative restoration coaching process designed to bring total transformation to your thoughts, attitudes, relationships, and ability to persevere.   The mandate of hurt draws your attention to what you lack; creating a fear of losing what you possess. This hurt establishes patterns of procrastination, lack of focus, and destroyed motivation; resulting in unmet expectation and a lifestyle of constant disappointment. Every struggle stems from a root of hurt developing into unhealthy aspects of your personality; these aspects began in your childhood and continue to affect your lifestyle today. RT4 positions you for encounters with God eliminating the lifestyle of procrastination and disappointment; inviting peace to take over fear, worry, irritation, depression, and frustration.



RT4 Formally Known as Daddy's Method

One-on-one Coaching Sessions 

Coaching is an important part of the emotional freedom processes. Many times, we are unable to see the flaws in our own thinking making it necessary for someone with a fresh perspective to point out areas that may need work which facilitates change. Radical Transformation 4 coaching delivers an understanding of gifts, potential, destiny, and for the restoration of relationships, emotions, perspectives, and lost dreams.



By walking through the coaching process, you will be equipped with practical steps for change that make the fulfillment of your dreams possible. An emphasis on problem-solving skills will empower you to walk through any situation with confidence, no longer paralyzed by fear or anxiety.  Coaching emphasizes a natural response that is based on freedom and Biblical truth rather than responses that are rooted in procrastination, perfectionism, or indecision. These areas of focus enable personal awareness and development.



RT4 coaching is tailored to each individual and takes you on a healing journey to deal with behaviors, memories, emotions, and spirit (willpower). Your coach will give you tools and the accountability needed to establish the practices of freedom. You can expect daily homework to foster more growth and practical application. We believe you will not only gain freedom for yourself, but you will also become an agent of freedom to others. You are created for a destiny! You will have an improved quality of life and ultimately find the freedom to achieve your desired goals.



What to Expect: 

During a typical session, coaches will take the lead. Trained to ask questions and guide conversation, coaches will listen, teach, and encourage based on Godly principles. In the completion of each session, coaches will pray with the client while setting goals and objectives for the coming week. As the client, you are simply asked to step out of your comfort zone, sharing honestly and without reserve. You can expect a change by stepping out of your comfort zone and old habits.  



Goals and assignments will be issued at the close of each appointment. You are invited to invest extra time with the Lord and dedicate time for reflection and healthy changes to your lifestyle. By creating habits of prioritizing your time in a way that supports the healthy change, you will lay the groundwork to build your new and redeemed emotional life.  





Walk into Your Radical Transformation

Join the many who have found coaching an invaluable experience for growth!

RT4 with Ravi Kandal 

RT4 One Time Call $200

In this, one hour call Ravi will work with you to establish an Unhindered Connection to a life in Jesus freeing you from limitations that hold you back.

RT4 Coaching $500

This 3 Week Program includes 3 consecutive weeks of 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours call per week. Rt4 removes imitations establishes an unhindered connection, awakens your spiritual giftings to set you up to thrive in your destiny as a radical influencer.

RT4 Empowered Coaching Program $2,000
(RT4 3 weeks one-on-one and 3 months of bi-weekly empowerment sessions)




Other RT4 Coaches 

RT4 Coach $120

This 3 Week Program includes 3 consecutive weeks of 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours call per week. Rt4 removes imitations establishes an unhindered connection, awakens your spiritual giftings to set you up to thrive in your destiny as a radical influencer.

Our two full-time RT4 certified coaches are Susan Bilic & Mary Haynes.

Feel free to call or email with any questions; info@kingdomfoundations.org or 507-262-0373.