Season of Change Conference

Hearing God’s Voice

Responding to His Voice = Radial Trust and Results

Listening to God’s voice is the most exciting daily experience! It can also feel like a risk. Leaving you to ask yourself, 

  • “What if I am wrong and it is not really God? 
  • What if I fail? 
  • Or maybe worse yet what if I lead someone else astray?

But what if He does shows up in your risk and works a miracle? 

What if He shows His love and power through you for someone else? 

Are you ready for your next adventure with God?

Radical obedience is found in the ability to trust and gain favor. We find an incredible model of this in the life of David. David understood the values of God, enabling the trust of God over David’s life. How can you apply those to your life?  

Ravi’s life was encountered by the Lord at 17 years of age, where he heard for the first time the audible voice of the Lord.  Since that time, it has been a daily occurrence where the Lord meets him to speak to His son. Ravi has had many incredible adventures, impacted others in freedom, healing and has seen God show up in powerful ways; all in response to stepping out in risk and trust.  


Join Ravi as he unpacks how we are all designed as sons and daughters to hear our Father speak and respond as expectant risk takers, fully trusting in Him.

Have you had these questions, and would you like for them to finally be settled:

  • How do you know you are hearing His Voice and not another’s? 
  • How do you trust His voice? 
  • How do you hear God’s voice for personal direction?
  • How do you overcome the risk and fear that comes with listening to the voice of God? 
  • How to do you start to take big risks for God? 
  • How do you face disappointment and failure and overcome?

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11455 Lakefield Dr, Johns Creek, GA 30097


8:30 AM Doors Open 

9:00 AM Worship

9:45 AM Session

12:30 PM Lunch Break

2:00 PM Session

3:45 PM Break 

4:00 Pm Session 

5:00 PM Break 

7:00 PM Worship

8:00 PM Session


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Ravi Kandal

Since Ravi’s radical salvation he has been uniquely gifted to hear the audible voice of God, whom Ravi affectionately calls Daddy. This gift has allowed Ravi to make remarkable impacts around the world in various spheres from witch doctors to world leaders. This journey of obedience has opened doors for incredible opportunities not only to serve the physical needs of the broken and needy but also to impart healing, hope, and destiny to people around the world. Radical Transformation is the message imparted to Ravi during a time of personal turmoil. In an extended season of encounters with God, he not only stepped into personal restoration but into a profound understanding of how hurt is formed. With this understanding, Ravi was able to learn how healing can be released to a person’s behaviors, emotions, memories, and spiritual authority. Ravi married his wife Julie and together in 2004 founded Kingdom Foundations. Both share a passion to see the love of Christ to encounter those living in darkness with tangible expressions of love and freedom. Currently, they reside with their four biological children in Siloam Springs, AR where they minister truth and destiny through God’s word. Separated by the ocean, but united as a family, their eight Indian, adult, adopted children reside in India.

Max Myers

Max J. Myers grew up on a working farm near Morrisonville, IL. He served in the U.S. Army as a crane operator from 1971-74, and later was commissioned in the Illinois National Guard as a Chaplain Candidate. His formal education was received at North Central University and Northern Baptist Theological Seminary. As an ordained Assemblies of God pastor, Max has served growing congregations for 27 years. Beginning in 2007, Max served as director of Global Awakenings Ministry School in Mechanicsburg, PA. Max has his private pilot’s license and loves to fly. Max’s passion has been to see a transformation of culture. This led to his decision to run for the office of Governor of Pennsylvania, in the 2014 election. He is the published author of "The Tail That Wags the Dog," a journey towards supernatural leadership. Max and his wife Nina, have two grown children, Renae and Jeffrey, and five grandchildren.

Bill Copelin

Bill Copelin grew up in rural Northwest Arkansas where his family taught him the value of hard work, love for the outdoors, the importance of family, and how to treat others. Bill went to work for J. B. Hunt Transportation after he graduated from the University of Arkansas and he has been employed there for the last 33 years in sales and marketing. For the last 22 years he has served as Vice President of National Accounts which has taken him to the marketplace in all parts of the United States. Bill and his wife Michelle were asked to join the Salvation Army Advisory Board for Northwest Arkansas in 2009 which has enabled them to impact those less fortunate in their community. Bill and Michelle have been married for 31 years, and have one son, Ben. They share a love for Israel, and for the past five years, have been involved with a youth village located outside Haifa, named Yemin Orde. Michelle serves on the U.S. based Friends of Yemin Orde Advisory Board. Bill became a Christian as a child but had settled into a life of work and busyness. A recent hunger for more of the Lord has drawn Bill into deeper experiences and marketplace impact.