Unashamed: Daughters of the King

UNASHAMED: Daughters of the King



In this Unashamed Women's event, we are going after His Presence to engage in revelation allowing for his pure reflection to shine through us. We believe you will connect in a greater way to your “true you” through times of worship, teaching, and ministry. The Bible says, we are heirs and daughters of the living God, and as such we are sent to be his representatives here on earth. We sit with him in heavenly places granting us access to spiritual gifts and authority. God desires that we would be living in his reality and doing so with confidence, joy, and peace. When are positioned in this reality, things begin to shift inside of us and that reflection grows outward to the point of continually being a conduit for heavens sources to flow through us. This reality will allow us to face lives everyday challenges with a renewed outlook, one filled with hope and expectation; revealing the royalty we are! Join us for this time of celebration as we experience greater freedom together.

Date: July 27-28, 2018

Venue: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Price: Free Must Register