These testimonies come from those who have benefited from Radical Transformation 4 Coaching.

Fearing the judgment of others, Coleen worked to keep her heart and her imperfections under lock and key.  Striving for the unattainable picture of perfection she was scared to let others speak into her life, but hunger for change proved a stronger motivator than fear.  As Coleen began to face the imperfections that had begun to rule her life she learned how to harness the power of creativity as the Holy Spirit invaded her circumstances and began to provide powerful solutions to her greatest struggles.  As she learned more about her Creator and His ways, she also began to understand how that Creator viewed her, and purposes she had been called to and how to take the first steps toward that destiny.


Shandon wasn’t really sure if he needed Radical Transformation.  He hadn’t been experiencing any major emotional upheaval, but he decided to open His heart to God, submitting himself to a Holy Spirit led refining process.  As God began to speak into Shandon’s life he realized that he had always struggled with performance.  He knew that his salvation didn’t come by works, but he found himself looking to his work to find satisfaction within himself.  This left his moods subject to the success of his accomplishments.  When things didn’t go well, He found himself frustrated.  Shandon realized that the same grace that he had for salvation was available so that he could access peace, joy, and righteousness on a daily basis.  Suddenly his fulfillment and satisfaction were redirected from his accomplishments to the grace that was provided by Jesus Christ.  Not only that, but God used this process to refine Shandon’s understanding of the scriptures.  By doing so, he was freed from the inhibition that was created from misunderstanding, and instead, freed to allow his actions to be determined by the truth of the Word.


As a pastor, Scott desired to see his church go beyond the average church experience. He longed to see the people he was serving not only be saved but to be made healthy and whole, possessing all the promises that accompany the gospel message.  Understanding that this desire would begin by seeing his own life set free, Scott agreed to allow God to speak into known and unknown struggles alike.  By giving God permission, God began to work in the deepest areas of his life.  It was in this way that Scott realized that he had been driven by a desire to perform; trying to meet expectations left him unnerved in the wake of the imperfections of himself and others.  Throughout his four-week participation in coaching, God began to uproot and reconstruction Scott’s ideas about himself and about God.  Suddenly he started to discover an even greater reality of God’s presence, His love, and the reality of the promise of transformation that is assured to us by the gospel.

Despite his reluctance, Tre took a leap of faith and allowed God to have His way in his life. Unaware that the enemy was using his past to distract him from his future, Tre found freedom as He allowed God to speak truth into his troublesome thoughts. Throughout the experience, God continually called Tre into a deeper revelation of his relationship with God. By confronting certain judgments and preconceived notions, God allowed Tre to see who God is to others, as well as the depth of the relationship that his “PaPa” desired for him.

Struggling with depression, Caitlyn was searching for God’s healing and restoration.  As God pinpointed the hopelessness in her life, Caitlyn realized that the joy of the Lord was her inheritance.  As she spent time with God, focusing on Heaven rather than Earth, she realized that her spirit began to become in tune with the source of her focus, Heaven.  Allowing her spirit rather than her mind to dictate her emotions, Caitlyn found freedom as she learned to walk unhindered in the revelation of her spirit’s new-found source of joy. 

As the Lord began to reveal what it means to be “possessed by the Holy Spirit”, Katie began to understand that she has everything from Heaven available to her. Rocked by the weight of this truth, she was freed to walk confidently without fear of the hurt that others may inflict, and without the anxiety that she experienced at the criticisms of others. Free from the emotions that were holding her back she found that rather than building a sturdy wall to protect her heart, she was able to release the light within her as she stood rooted and grounded on the sturdy foundation of God’s living and active word.