Marriage Repair


4 Sessions of One-on-One Coaching and 2 Additional Sessions as Couple


RT4 Course Included

6 calls with 60 minutes each call

6 weeks


Payment Plans Available

Free Bonus
You will be gifted with automatic free enrollment in two e-courses: Trust Repair 1 and 2

There are situations that call for an outside perspective and voice in your marriage to achieve the results you desire. If you have reached a place in your marriage, the marriage repair coaching can bring the direction and healing you need to succeed as a couple. Marriage repair will work with you to establish respect, empathy, and affection to restore passion. Past experiences can not only be haunting but can also change the way you see yourself and your spouse. Once healing is restored to your identity then you will be released for new potential, expectations, and experiences.

Firstly, you will work in individual sessions to awaken the God-given dreams you carry to help you live out your true identity. Secondly, you will have two group calls to unify and work together through issues related together. The goal of this coaching is to see the total transformation for renewed confidence and vision, so together you will be able to run towards your destiny unified as overcomers.

There will be homework assignments given for your personal growth as well as homework for you as a couple.

Some of the topics addressed: 

  • Identity
  • Stress
  • Removing the Curse of Argument and Criticism
  • Recovery from broken trust

First Step

Find out if this is the right option for you by booking a 1-hour Strategy call with your spouse.

Strategy Call (1-hour Complimentary Call)

In this call, you will speak to Ravi. He will be able to hear from both of you to assess the current situation, share God’s destiny for them as a couple, and create the best approach for your unique needs individually and as a couple.

This coaching program is tailored to you and your marriage!


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