Disruptive Thinking


One-on-One Coaching (Business Coaching)


RT4 Course Included

10 calls (2 calls per month)

5 months


Payment Plans Available 

Free Bonus:  Two RT4 Courses Included
You will be gifted with automatic free enrollment in two e-courses:  Trust Repair 1 and 2

Activating the Power of Creativity

This program works on changing perspectives to unlock God’s ideas, ways of perceiving people, circumstances, and future opportunities.

Learning to hear His voice for:

  • Business Ideas and Strategies
  • Personal Growth
  • Increased Productivity
  • Creating Innovative Opportunities
  • Impacting Others and Increased Sensitivity to Others

Calls occur twice a month over a 5-month period for a total of 10 calls.


  1. Pam Mustaine

    Ravi helped me transform my intimidating and dormant wine business into a thriving, international success fueled with newfound passion. I now have unbelievable joy and hope in ways I couldn’t have imagined possible!

    Ravi is not the first prophetic person who has ministered to me. However, he was the first one to give me a road map of practical steps to see my destiny actualized with confidence and peace. In the process of saying ‘yes’ to Jesus at every obstacle, I experienced unique wisdom and watched doors of favor swing open unexpectedly and confirmation lead a renewed courage to answer the Lord’s opportunity.

    Recently, I found myself sitting in a conference room with the whole of our industry leaders and other seasoned wineries who have been working this business for generations. I sat in the back row, believing I didn’t belong in the room. To my astonishment, our business strategy and marketing plan was already a year ahead of the statistics and data they were sharing along with their proposed strategies! My work with Ravi was instrumental. He gave me guidance and clarity in specific steps which lead us to where we are. We were able to stop entertaining ‘what ifs’ (negative possibilities) and say yes to potential.

    Now, my biggest problem is ensuring we have enough wine!

    I never realized how much passion, joy and fulfillment I would find working our business. What was merely a soft quiet dream buried deep down has stepped to the front of my life with purpose and success. Through the process, my family is stepping into their own destinies. My daughter has joined me in the business and I love seeing her gifts of entrepreneurship develop into clear paths towards her destiny, as well. This new journey has truly set up my family for legacy.

    If you wish to grow your business and desire to have the greatest adventure of your life, then Ravi is the perfect coach!

    Pam Mustaine

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