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 Modeling the life of Jesus, by daily hearing the Father and preaching the Good News of the Kingdom of God.


To preach the Kingdom of God locally and globally; to release clarity, set people into identity, and restore broken hearts & heal hardened hearts.

Activities Of Kingdom Foundations

RT4 coaches work one-on-one with clients to reshape mindsets, establishes positive habits, engages healthy emotional responses, and activates their spiritual authority to reach the next level of favor, purpose, and influence in their life. An RT4 coach, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, releases healing to these four key areas: behavior, memories, emotions, and spiritual authority. RT4 guides individuals in a process of engaging with joy – God’s secret weapon of power and strength – to destroy the hurts of the past. This healing process is an open door for heavens agenda to be quickened.

There are various coaching programs to aid anyone with a hunger to grow stronger in Christ based instruction and mentorship.

Radical Transformation 4 coaching is a model that has been been practiced since 2012 and developed by Ravi Kandal. Since its inception it has had a profound impact on many individuals and marriages. It has been marked with marriages being restored, addictions broken, depression healed, anxiety removed,  healing sexual orientation confusion, destinies released, and other remarkable transformations.

RT4 continues to grow and impact more individuals as more people are being trained up as RT4 coaches who are endorsed by the ministry of Kingdom Foundations.

Kingdom Foundations values teaching the word of God and helping individuals realize their God given potential. RT4 Courses are for anyone who is ready to challenge themselves to further growth. They are a great addition to any coaching program, follow up to any program you are involved with or an opportunity to personally experience how the principles of RT4 apply to your spiritual development.

We have found that pursuing the Lord in a community dynamic is powerful. Our like-minded communities are extremely life giving and engaging.  Accountability, encouragement, and strength are found within them as you pursue change and growth with others who are doing the same.

All courses are founded upon the Word of God and its principles. Courses are conducted live and online as well as E-courses that can be taken individually at your own pace.


RT4 centers are a physical location where people find healing in every area of their lives, connect to their destiny, find community, and partner with other believers to transform communities. These centers are a fulfillment of a dream to see people gather together to learn and grow and ultimately step into impactful destinies free from hinderances.
We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that we have launched an RT4 Center called Radical Transformation 4 House of Healing.  We believe it is the prototype for many more to come. We are excited to see the multiplication of these centers across America.
Our Locations 
New Prague, Minnesota

Kingdom Foundations

Was founded in 2004 in India by Ravi & Julie Kandal. Initial works were based in India primarily focused on church planting, widows ministry, and the adoption of children. 


KFS became more globally known when Ravi was featured in a documentary called Father of Lights in 2012.

In 2012, the Lord took Ravi on a journey of personal growth and discovery. In this time the Lord not only brought healing in his own life but began to give him the healing model known today as Radical Transformation.

In 2015, the Kandal’s, along with a small team moved from India to America in obedience to the Lord’s direction bringing the message of RT4 and revival to America. 


KFS is a community-based ministry raising up men and women who are hungry to know the Father personally and intimately to represent Him well.

KFS strives to raise up people who are passionate, caring, discerning and prayerful kingdom advancers to bring others to the message of freedom and fulfillment in Christ.

A Great Team Makes it Possible!

Every great work we do takes place with the backing of an amazing team of people! We are grateful for the many who have dedicated themselves in big and small ways.

Ways to Connect

Works uniquely with individuals to bring about freedom and launch into destiny. 

Rt4 Academy offers courses for those that are hungry for more of the Lord, healing and revelation.

Events can be themed differently, but will all have the focus of healing and driven to engage with the presence of the Lord.

We would love to hear from you! 

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