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Anyone who thinks God doesn’t still speak to his children today hasn’t met Ravi. During my Discovery Call, without any verbal promptings from me, he proceeded to breakdown my journey over the previous two years with specifics to events that happened that blew my mind. I was hungry to hear from God with the same level of clarity Ravi did so I jumped at doing coaching with him.

There’s a lot of coaching I’ve received over the years, but coaching with Ravi was one of the key places of support in my life that has allowed me to 6X the revenue in my business this year in the midst of corona and have a deeper relationship with Chloe, my daughter and my family.

Ben Gower

Business Owner

Discover Your Potential

You are created to bring impact to the world around you…You possess powerful authority in Christ, you just need New Skills to access your strength and security.  

Don’t waste one more day worrying or missing the mark. You can do this. You just need someone who understands what you are going through and truly cares about you gaining freedom and fulfillment.

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We have found that pursuing the Lord in a community dynamic is powerful. Our like-minded communities are extremely life giving and engaging.  Accountability, encouragement, and strength are found within them as you pursue change and growth with others who are doing the same.