Kingdom Foundations Houses of Healing

House of Healings were birthed out of the next natural step to multiply the impact of Radical Transformation 4 healing model. Rt4 was birthed through a revelation that Ravi Kandal received and began to unpack in 2012. It’s initial impact was primarily imparted through one-on-one coaching/counseling sessions and training programs. The House of Healings are working out the frame work of the RT4 healing process to teach and impart revelation, train and equip people to walk lives of freedom and purpose, and live lives of impact to the community around them. 

We are in awe of how the Lord is moving powerfully through each of the House of Healings touching and transforming their local communities and shining brightly for Jesus. 

Each HOH Leader works directly with Ravi to ensure they own the same heart of healing. They work in close relationships with him and the leadership of Kingdom Foundations to ensure their values and outcome match the desired results. 

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House of Healing located in Elko New Market, Minnesota


House of Healing located in Excelsior, Minnesota

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House of Healing located in Englewood, Florida

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House of Healing located in Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Testimonies are Powerful!

The healing and freedom found at our Rt4 houses of healing sticks! We have seen many people get free from addiction, and destructive patterns annihilated never to return.

You are created for freedom and to be a minister of freedom to others.


This lie of ‘I’m too old to be pursuing something new or that I need to settle in and put behind my dreams and desires pounded at my door daily. The teaching about pursuing the dreams and desires the Lord has given us because it’s our birth right shook and encouraged me. Also, the statement you made Linda along the lines of ministry or missions not being some cookie cutter thing hit my gut. So, after class last week, and my wife’s encouragement, I applied and was accepted the next day into Liberty’s Master’s Program for Sport Management: Adventure Sports & Tourism. Thank you, for your class.

Andrea Envey

I now get that the Lord is calling me His beloved. He has anointed me to go out and be a witness to others no matter how high that mountain may seem. I am to continue walking in His truth. He has called me righteous. He has strengthened my roots with grace, mercy, and love. I have been made new and I am ordained to bear witness to others so that they may be reconciled with God. God’s Truth are a source of my destiny. They will strengthen me and bring me peace and joy. I will be an ambassador for Christ my Lord!

History of RT4 HoH

With the leading of the Lord in a time of personal need, Ravi Kandal encountered radical transformation. This brought about a complete shift for him personally.

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Founders - Ravi & Julie Kandal

This transition to RT4 has only renewed Ravi’s passion for the lost. He has found RT4 to be a powerful tool to connect people to Jesus in true freedom. This freedom sets people to run after their destiny to make a mark on the world.