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Spiritual Routines

Have you ever wondered what Ravi does on a practical way with his relationship with the Lord? 

Join us in this 21-day challenge to join him in his daily night routine. 

Radical Transformation 4

RT4 utilizes one-to-one coaching and training programs to bring healing to:

3.Memories so you can
4.Walk in Spiritual Authority.

RT4 Coaching

RT4 Coaching is Spirit lead mentoring to empower destiny, while disconnecting you from the power of your past. It is all about God’s best for your life.

Ben Gower

Business Owner

There’s a lot of coaching I’ve received over the years, but coaching with Ravi was one of the key places of support in my life that has allowed me to make 6X the revenue in my business this year in the midst of corona and have a deeper relationship with my wife Chloe, my daughter and my family.

Discovery Call

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Randy Erickson

Business Owner

I have had no anxiety since starting my coaching program with Ravi. A weight lifted from my chest. It has been amazing.

Mark Kretzschmar​

The Discovery Call wrecked me! 

To my complete surprise, after our introduction, Ravi said to me, “Do you know what your purpose is?” And he proceeded to tell me what the Lord had shown him. Amazing! 

Dave King​

Business Owner

Dave’s story is one of the most Radical testimonials. His healing occurred in one call with Ravi. We celebrate the way the Lord has chosen to use Ravi in a very unique way to uproot strongholds in people’s lives. You will find many testifying, that he does it in the gentlest of ways.

Find a Program that is Right for You

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Most Popular Program


RT4 Academy

RT4 Academy is propelling people into radical living through training and mentoring.

RT4 Academy

Our RT4 Academy Courses are for anyone who is ready to challenge themselves to further growth. They are a great addition to any coaching program, follow-up to any program you are involved with or an opportunity to personally experience how the principles of RT4 apply to your spiritual development.

Reviews From Some of Our On-Demand Courses

Connie Zehring

“I am seeing people through different eyes by looking at them through compassion and realizing who they are not. This has helped me to heal in one particular relationship that I never thought would happen.  This course will help you progress in your faith and in your walk. If you are stagnant or moving slowly, this will give you a big boost.”

Annelise Bloom

I cannot even begin to thank the Lord for what He has done for me during the past 4 weeks. I literally feel that the Lord called me out of the tomb like a completely dead Lazarus and that He has been unwinding all the suffocating bandages around me during every session. And just forcefully blowing life into every fiber of my being – my body, soul, spirit, my family, my hopes and dreams, purposes and potential. The list can go on and on!!


Robin Gutshall

Thank you for being a safe place to practice creative challenges. After praying to close tonight’s class, my heart was beating out of my chest and the sweat was pouring from me– but it was good. “Thank you, Holy Spirit, for meeting us here, there and everywhere. Amen.”

Rachel Saliba

As part of the Advanced coaching I was informed about the difference between myself and my partner regarding attachment styles and how it relates to conflict. This was not new information to me as a qualified counsellor, however the anointing that Ravi carries gave the information a revelatory edge that I could work with in collaboration with the Holy Spirit to bring transformation to my inner world and my relationships. 

A Few More Testimonies

God began to uproot and reconstruct Scott's ideas about himself and about God. He discovered an even greater reality of God's presence, His love, and the reality of transformation assured to us by the gospel.

Scott Lowmaster​


Tim Wimber shares from his healing journey out of brokenness into restoration. Through RT4 (formally Daddy’s Method) he was changed instantaneously he was freed up from things that held him back his whole life.

Tim Wimber

Business Owner

Fearing the judgment of others, Coleen worked to keep her heart and her imperfections under lock and key. Striving for the unattainable picture of perfection she was scared to let others speak into her life, but hunger for change proved a stronger motivator than fear. 

Coleen Hart


Ravi & Julie Kandal​
Founders of KFS & RT4

After powerfully encountering God at the age of 17, Ravi laid down the life he had previously known and pursued the calling that God had placed before him. Inspired by Christ’s message to seek and save the lost, he began ministering to the untouchables of India.

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