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RT4 gatherings provide in person opportunities for local bodies of believers to live a radically transformed life in the context of community. As an outworking of the RT4 method, local communities go after the person of Jesus Christ through the healing of behaviors, memories, and emotions; empowering believers to bring creative solutions to the cities where they live.

Church Meetings

Radical Believers Chapel

Address: 1157 Ridge Rd Lawrenceville GA  30043
When: Sundays 10:00 AM 
Pastor: Ravi Kandal
Phone: 1-507-262-0373
Email: ravi@kingdomfoundations.org

RT4 Sanctuary

Address: 26301 Baseline Ave, New Prague, MN 56071
When: Wednesdays 6pm
Pastors: Linda and Mark Rahn
Phone: 1-612-367-6886
Email: linda@kingdomfoundations.org

online Teaching


Join Ravi and connect with like minded people in the Facebook Group: Hearing God’s Voice through Emotional Healing. Each week he does a live teaching out of the RT4 healing model.


Are ready to experience walking in your purpose and calling completely unhindered? Join us for an adventure!

Online Courses

Ready for further growth? RT4 courses allow you to personally experience how the principles of RT4 apply to your spiritual development.

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The Testimonies are Powerful!

The gatherings are filled with encounters with Jesus that bring about connections to purpose, fulfillment, healing and more….

You are created for freedom and to be a minister of freedom to others.


This community of believers love me like I have never experienced before. It is hard to even express how they showed me love and acceptance.


While in one of the gatherings, a time came where I was able to share about my hopelessness. The group prayed and ministered to me…It was powerful. I left that night with restored hope and an expectation that God was going to do a miracle. I was able to come back the next week and share about physical changes, my miracle is coming! I can’t wait to share the rest of my testimony.

Ravi and Church Planting

At 17, Ravi had a radical salvation experience where he began to hear the audible voice of the Lord. Following that experience, Ravi spent one year  church planting in the villages outside of Bangalore. 

This began a great passion for the unreached to know Jesus and to see churches multiply.  Ravi went on to obtain his masters degree in theology through Bob Jones University. Over the following years, Ravi and the ministry of Kingdom Foundations would see over 200 church plants begin and thrive in India and now the United States of America.

In 2012, under the guidance of the Lord, Ravi shifted the primary focus of Kingdom Foundations to include the Lord’s wisdom and understanding of healing people from their pasts and hurts. Soon came the birth of this new healing method we call Radical Transformation 4 (RT4).

Radical Transformation 4 is the healing of memories, behaviors and emotions to restore individuals to strong spiritual authority in Jesus Christ. RT4 is a highly effective method to heal and strengthen leaders who want to run with the vision of the Lord. 

Founders - Ravi & Julie Kandal

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