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Convictions That Heal

Dissatisfaction is powerless conviction in your beliefs about certainty, competency and belonging. To embrace fearlessness, you need three convictions for transformation.

21 Day Challenge

Have you ever wondered what Ravi does on a practical way with his relationship with the Lord? 

Join us in this 21-day challenge to join him in his daily night routine. 

Transition Well

Ravi will share on how you can know the mind and heart of God. It is from this place of understanding that healing becomes your platform to move into your next level. 

Parenting An Anxious Child

You are doing the best for your child and yet, you notice they are experiencing anxiety.

Healing the Lost

Discover a new approach to supporting your loved ones and promoting healing.

KFS On YouTube

Are ready to experience walking in your purpose and calling completely unhindered? Join us for an adventure!


Join Ravi and connect with like minded people in the Facebook Group: Hearing God’s Voice through Emotional Healing.

Each week he does a live teaching out of the RT4 healing model and more!