We love to see God at work in individuals. Here are some of the experiences of those that have gone through RT4 (formally known as Daddy’s Method).  Radical Transformation 4 leads you to a gateway of revelation to new experiences of freedom; uniquely and individually.

I have been thoroughly blessed through my time with Ravi. His encouragement in me has inspired me in pursuing God deeper and growing in holiness and righteousness. His insights into how our emotions and minds work have been transformative for me. Learning to apply the truth and change my responses to life has changed the way I handle my emotions, which is allowing me to grow as a Son of God. I am thankful for Ravi’s caring guidance and the love with which he counsels. My faith and confidence have definitely grown through Daddy’s Method (RT4) and I thank God for that!

Nate Terlisner

Before Daddy’s Method (RT4) I wondered about my God-given gifts. Was I really gifted? What are my gifts? Was I anointed in what I was moving in? What is my life’s plan? Did I have the courage to walk out His plan for my life? Was I healed? I thought about the “condition” of my soul. And above all else, what does Daddy think of me? Basically, my own self-doubts and insecurities were keeping me from His appointed destiny for my life. Now, moving through Daddy’s Method (Radical Transformation), the answers came in a flood! Now, I feel “made new,” knowing that Daddy has stretched me and grown me through this process. I have heard the confirming and the assuring words of Jesus gently imparted over me. His identity is in me! Now I know what my life’s destiny is, for Daddy has revealed it and confirmed it to me! I am joyful and so full of expectation. Now, Daddy has declared abundant life over me! Any doubts I had are now removed! I AM whole, I AM truly healed and I AM completely new! Any previous strongholds are gone! He has sanctified me! Forever changed. I pray for each and all who hunger after Daddy. Travel this path, climb your mountain, perhaps it’s one whose summit you thought you would never reach. Know this: You are the light of the world (Matt 5:14). He will take you up to the summit! Daddy will quench you with His living waters!

Kathy Czajka

The time spent experiencing Daddy’s Method (Radical Transformation) was very meaningful and it has impacted my life. It was interesting how God prepared me for these sessions with dreams and interesting experiences. Ravi was very easy to talk with and the words of God he shared with me were profound and very much appreciated. I did experience some inner healing which has made a difference in my personal life as well as my spiritual life. A lot of my anxiety issues are gone. I have grown in my relationship with God and am spending more time with Him in prayer, reading the Bible, and speaking in tongues.

Nancy Karnofel

It has really been a life-changing month for me personally. God is working in an incredible way. I was in a place of not knowing or being able to boldly experience life as He intends, but God healed me of shame and guilt and now my outlook on life is entirely different now. I see unlimited potential, that will become reality. I know the Lord has promised much, and I plan on “crossing the Jordan” and walking this out. I have a new understanding of who He is, how He works, and what my job is in obedience. Very gratifying, and encouraging for sure. 


The Main significant changes are in thought patterns and emotions. Also, I know that others’ lives are/will change around me. I never understood the entirety of the role I play in others’ lives. Power of words, compliments and encouragement. Opening up minds to allow God to work in their lives. With the Lord, there is a deeper trust and faithfulness inside me. As I’m seeing things come to pass already, I’m super excited just thinking about the possibilities when I simply allow Him to possess me. The possibilities of Him transforming lives around me wherever we go. 


I want others to know that God is a real God. That He is a God that is capable. That He does free us, and although the cost is great (our lives) the process is simple and the future is filled with joy and hopes no matter the situation. He truly wants our lives to matter and our purpose on earth to be established entirely. There is still time as long as we breathe. 


If someone thinks they don’t need Daddy’s Method (Radical Transformation), they do. It’s His blueprint, not ours, and there is always more to learn and grow.  

Denver Polson
Business Owner

Radical Transformation has truly been what it's title stands for. Before I took RT4, I struggled with how to handle my emotions. I didn't know where my out of the blue, mini-depressions came from that kept me hiding in my mind. The first meeting with Mary and Susan revealed to me that I was still holding onto some things in my past. I needed to free myself from seeking justice in my childhood, from my abuse and neglect. That God is my vindicator and the fulfillment of all my needs. Now I pray to God in a new way with a new perspective. I look for how God wants to show up for me in each moment and redirect my thinking from how I feel to who I am. It is not easy, but because of RT4, I now have the wisdom to overcome with victory in my mind. Thank you, ladies, so much for blessing me with these tools to help me live out my purpose! I know every person who takes this course will have freedom!

Meka Cox
Business Owner

This experience impacted me by giving me a new language and experience around what the Holy Spirit brings to us to combat the flesh and the enemy. I have seen myself become more self-aware of thought patterns that were sabotaging my destiny. I feel more confident that I can overcome as I have discovered some of the enemy’s strategy for my life. My vision has been renewed to believe… I am finding that faith is the natural state of a Christian once the lies of the enemy are removed. I have recommended this to friends!

John Dresser

I learned about the importance of functioning out of spiritual authority rather than the emotions. During my sessions, Ravi gave powerful insight into the calling that God has for my life. I realized that God does have plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11). In a sense, I feel like God used Ravi to give me a compass. Now, I have a direction and purpose. I know the direction my life is taking, and this has brought great freedom! My affection toward Jesus began to grow exponentially during the sessions with Ravi and has grown ever since! I used to struggle with the fear of premature death. Thoughts of leaving my children without a mother bombarded my mind every day. I would wake up every morning with a pit in my stomach. I would start my day with fear. Now, that fear is gone; and I start my day with prayer and meditation. 


Another change that has been an absolute delight is that I can now play with my children. Prior to my sessions with Ravi, I was incapable of sitting and playing with my kids. When I would try to play with them, my mind would constantly wander and race. Now, I can actually engage with them in their play. 


Finally, these sessions have given me a greater sense of God's vision for my life. This vision has opened my world wide open with exciting opportunities. Ravi helped me determine the first steps that I need to take in order to function in the call and gifts that God has for me. I have been greatly blessed! The future is bright! 



Amanda Fitzke
Full-Time Mom

This was life-changing for me. For the first time, I understood how to apply the Holy Spirit; by becoming the fruits of the Spirit. I have never been challenged in that way before. I have learned the seeds of brokenness in me and the attitudes or rules I have been living by and having a relationship with all these years. It was shown to me what Jesus has, I have. Now begins the framework or ‘blueprint’ I design my life in…the fruit of the Spirit. Feelings are choices and responding can be in the fruit of the Spirit, or in the enemy. The enemy comes to steal the fruit, and I never saw it that way before. Tactics of the enemy have been exposed and am now equipped to recognize them and can choose what to feel and think. Through declaring the fruit of the Spirit over me, and with practice, I am becoming more whole. I am enlightened and delighted that by declaring the fruit of the Spirit over myself, heaven opens up because that is what heaven is. Emotions can change who you are or are not. 


My foundation has changed. I now carry my ‘Jesus ‘credit card! My expectation is the Lord’s results and how He wants me to experience a situation….so I ‘charge it!’ with my Jesus card. Don’t think without it! In spite of me feeling a certain way about a situation, I am going to be that vessel to bring change because Jesus is in the boat with me. I now have an affirmation about myself that I didn’t have before. I know who I am and am hungry for more manna! Thank you for piggybacking in on what the Lord God was already doing with my quest for more of Him. Timing is everything and this was magnifico! I am not the same and blessed by this experience.” 

Caron Goller

This experience has impacted me in that I have great freedom from negative emotions and unbelief. I feel a sense of confidence about my future and the work I know God is doing in me and through me. I felt truly cherished and valued by both my coach and my Heavenly Father. My outlook on life is entirely different now. If someone thinks they don’t need Daddy’s Method, they do. It’s His blueprint, not ours, and there is always more to learn and grow. 

Rachel McDonough

Rachel McDonough

I cannot tell you the freedom that has occurred in my life over the past month.  I have been set free from a vicious cycle of disappointment. Now that I have become aware of the tactics that the enemy has meant for my harm, I am excited to see what is ahead.  Though this discovery had been in my later life, I am believing that God will restore what the locus had eaten. Many words of wisdom and words of knowledge came forth that has given and restored hope!!!!  


It has truly been a blessing!   I have become more confident in myself and more blessed. Realizing that I was designed by God almighty for a work and for giftings that I am looking forward to stepping out in. 

Kelly Redfern

Radical Transformation has brought eye opening insights into "worry and anxiety". These areas had been strongholds for me, but I was unable to free myself of them. It would seem no matter how many times I recognizes them and try to walk out of it, I was snared back onto the lie.  Ravi (without me telling him anything about these areas in my life) shared with me that he had seen these two things in my life and how they were covering the true "gifts" God had given me. After this, I saw the light so to speak. I began recognizing when worry and anxiety were present, allowing me to stop and ask God to show me the true picture. 


Ravi showed me how worryhad taken the place of healingand how anxiety had taken the place of discernment...that was such an eye opener. I have been applying the things I received in Radial Transformation, it is still a process I am walking out, I do believe the truth is it ended the first day we talked and now it's renewing and re-structuring my old thoughts and ways to line up with truth and revelation.


Today I'm taking on the mindset of a leader without worry and anxiety! I am walking it out, but it has truly given me my power and voice back and I want to hold on to both of those. Learning a new way of submission, that it is from freedom and not something that was made by the law; gives me a new perspective on what that really looks like and that I don't need to worry about losing something when I bring my voice and my strengths to any situation. I am freed to choose Gods Spiritual Fruit.

Mary Haynes
Business Owner

"RT4 launched me into my destiny! I was a full-time pastor; whose passion is in healing. I knew it was time to make a change, but I didn't know how to make my dream a reality.  

Ravi spoke words directly from God that changed everything. A few days later I resigned from my job and shortly after the Lord opened doors for me to take over a Christian counseling practice. Today I am living my dream counseling and daily ministering healing, freedom and wholeness to many. My dreams are growing, along with my capacity and impact. 

RT4 was life changing, impactful, and life giving! I am thriving in my destiny and growing in the "more." I highly recommend RT4 to anyone who wants to move into their next step.”

Jason LaScolea