How to transition well

For Family, Business, Ministry, Relationships

The unprecedented times calls for new levels of wisdom and Godly right responses.

In this one hour teaching

Discover God's Mind and Heart for this Season with Ravi Kandal

In a time when our worldly security and options are being removed, grief and sadness surface. How do we make this transition to walk in a different emotional response, to be one that is dominated by joy and peace.

Ravi will share on how you can know the mind and heart of God. It is from this place of understanding that healing becomes your platform to move into your next level. 

Healing does not come in a long process. It comes in two stages: 

1. Gleaned Wisdom is revelation from God to show beliefs and patterns that are contrary to His desires for you. 

2. Change in Behavior occurs when revelation becomes your new reality; it will automatically trump your old beliefs and take over lies. This allows your behaviors to be new, making your responses more Christ like. 

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