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You are created to bring impact to the world around you…You possess powerful authority in Christ, you just need New Skills to access your strength and security.  

Don’t waste one more day worrying or missing the mark. You can do this. You just need someone who understands what you are going through and truly cares about you gaining freedom and fulfillment.

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RT4 Coaching Programs
With Ravi Kandal

It is our pleasure to serve you with coaching.  We have found that being in a community of like minded learners a great benefit to your coaching experience. And because we believe so much in you and it’s benefit you will be gifted enrollment to one of our upcoming classes. Be sure to ask about which one would benefit you the most.

Ravi is the originator of the RT4 model his packages go for a premium and are well worth his expertise. But for those of you who would like RT4, we have the RT4 Advanced option with others who have been mentored and trained by Ravi with the RT4 method and model. The coaches mentioned below are endorsed by Kingdom Foundations.




A discovery call will be a time for you to get to know your Ravi as a coach/mentor.  Many have reported life changing encounters with the Lord in this short time. Most likely, this taste will have hungry for the more. This call will help you confidently navigate the right course of action for the next stop.

Consultation ​


In this one time call Ravi will work with you to establish an unhindered connection to a life in Jesus, freeing you from limitations that are holding you back.

This can be the right call if you are looking for a now solution rather than a longer program.




RT4 Advanced removes limitations, establishes an unhindered connection, and awakens your spiritual giftings to set you up to thrive in your destiny as a radical influencer. 


This coaching program is tailored to you!

Free Bonus

You will be gifted enrollment to two e-courses: Trust Repair 1 & 2.



This program is designed for those who desire peak performance. Perhaps you have taken the leap of faith into your dream, are ready to launch into your business, or take your ministry or business to the next level, but you need a coach to help you navigate this transition. You are on the right track, but you know there is “more” for you to experience and great wisdom to be gleaned to become a greater impact to those around you. 

This program runs longer in duration to give you greater guidance and the advantage you are looking for, enabling you to step into peak performance. 

Includes up to 5 months accessibility, by phone or email correspondence, to successfully step into peak performance. 

Free Bonus

You will be gifted enrollment to two e-courses: Trust Repair 1 & 2.



This program is to designed to bring freedom from any habitual habits. If you are bound in an addiction and you desire to be freed of these habitual behaviors, RT4 Unhindered is the program for you.

This coaching program is tailored to you!

Free Bonus

You will be gifted enrollment to two e-courses: Trust Repair 1 & 2.

Marriage Repair​

Marriage Repair

There are situations that call for an outside perspective and voice in your marriage to achieve the results you desire. If you have reached a place in your marriage, the marriage repair coaching can bring the direction and healing you need to succeed as a couple. Marriage repair will work with you to establish respect, empathy and affection to restore passion. Past experiences can not only be haunting but can also change the way you see yourself and your spouse. Once healing is restored to your identity then you will be released for new potential, expectations, and experiences.

Firstly, you will work in individual sessions to awaken the God given dreams you carry to help you live out your true identity. Secondly, you will have two group calls to unify and work together through issues related together. The goal of this coaching is to see total transformation for renewed confidence and vision, so together you will be able to run towards your destiny unified as overcomes.

There will be homework assignments given for your personal growth as well as homework for you as a couple. 


Some of the topics addressed: 

  • Identity 
  • Stress 
  • Removing the Curse of Argument and Criticism 
  • Recovery from broken trust 

First Step

Find out if this is the right option for you by booking a 1 hour Strategy call with your spouse.

Strategy call 1hour call (Complementary) 

In this call you will speak to Ravi. He will be able to hear from both of you to assess the current situation, share God’s destiny for them as a couple, and create the best approach for your unique needs individually and as couple. 

This coaching program is tailored to you and your marriage!

Free Bonus

You will be gifted enrollment to two e-courses: Trust Repair 1 & 2.

Give it a try with a free complimentary call!

Not Sure it is for You?

Many Encounter The Lord And Powerful Healing…Why Not? You Have Nothing To Loose

Getting the Most out of your Coaching calls


Many found the coaching experience transformative and life giving. Because of the impact that is created in this experience given with timely insights it is recommended you record your calls so you can go back to listen to them. This will also free you to be able for focus on listening and recieiving. There is an app you can purchase called Tape-a-call, that may have found worth the purchase.

Your results will depend on your level of commitment to your homework and determination. Like all good things change happens, but you can expect to get out what you put in. We have seen incredible life transformation, but those who have done so have also been hungry for results. 

bonus to your Coaching

Free RT4 Course

One or two (depending on program) of our RT4 Courses will be granted access with our paid RT4 Coaching programs. The homework and course will be in addition to your coaching assignments and complement them well.

Budget Friendly


Propelled into Radical living Never to be held Back Again

Kingdom Foundations desire is to see people healed and launched into their destiny. 

We recognized that people may find themselves in financially challenging situation or limitation. We are willing to work out payment options, simply email or call to find out options. Aside from Ravi, we have other coaches with rate different from Ravi’s and could also be an option for you.

Now is your time for

Radical Transformation

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